We have been involved in several great twitter chats this week. They are a great platform to connect with likeminded people over a whole range of different topics. If you are seeking ideas, collaboration or some advice from people in the know, twitter chat are a great arena to expand your network.

This week we’ve been involved in;

  • Special Educational Needs exchange #SENexchange
  • NHS Innovation Hour- #NHSIH
  • Access Chat #AXSChat
  • Museum Hour- #museumhour

These twitter chats happen on different days and times, so please find out more by searching on twitter. Some of them have a bit more structure than others. For example #AXSChat set questions for the twitterati to answer during the chat. We think that sort of structure makes for a more in-depth conversation.

If you have come across any other twitter chats that you think might be useful to participate in please get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you.