As it is National Obesity Awareness Week I thought it would be a great chance to look at how the leisure industry and healthcare can do some joined up thinking to create a fitter, healthier nation. This year’s event begins on the 14th January through to the 20th, they are asking the UK to join them to help raise awareness and improve the nation’s health.  One thing the nation can change is making the leisure industry, in particularly gyms less daunting for those not au fait with using them.

The current image people probably have of gyms is that they are filled with beautiful people with muscles on muscles taking selfies for their social media accounts. However if we create a more inclusive, transparent and above all accessible environment people would be more willing to give these important physical activities a try, and the knock on effect would be improved health for everyone.

Here are some ways we think the nation can improve their health and live their best life. Firstly we will look at what can be done with the NHS.

Healthcare and Accessibility

It is not something that it given much thought or attention by the NHS or more wider healthcare in general. However just like any other place visited by the public in the UK, accessibility should ALWAYS be on the agenda. As it stands I think the the gulf between those doing it well and the rest is huge. Things to change and quick, as a nation we are (luckily) living longer than ever before. Therefore at some point in our futures we will become disabled and accessibility will become a more pertinent issue for us all.

Knowing what to expect

Whether this is in a GP surgery, dental practice or in a hospital, knowing what to expect before you get there will help ease any anxieties for the patients. This will encourage more autistic patients and those with anxiety issues to not be fearful of seeing a doctor if they are not feeling great.



Oral hygiene is very important to everyone as we only get one set of adult teeth. However the dentist is also one of the most feared health appointments. NIghtmare scenes of drills and teeth and loads of minions rummaging around in your mouth whilst a floodlight is shone in your eyes can fill the most zen of us with dread.

Allowing patients the opportunity to experience an appointment and be able to see the room, hear the instruments that may be used and also watch an appointments from a first person perspective.


Hospital Navigation

Hospitals have notoriously been difficult to navigate even for some people who work for the NHS. When you are in poor health the last thing you need is the added stress of not knowing where to go or how to get there.

It is estimated a significant proportion of the 6.9 million missed appointments are attributed to patients getting lost in hospital.

An article in the guardian found video proved to be the most effective navigation aid, with users more than 30% faster than those using a map and more than 40% faster than those given a written route description. iRoam is the perfect solution for all healthcare settings providing detailed and conclusive video based information for patients. Below is a screenshot from a video created for Neonatal unit at University Hospital Southampton, watch it here

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