Interactive Video

We can create bespoke interactive videos of any venue. Regardless of size the results are the same, greater accessibility for everyone! We shoot all out videos in HD and production standard camera stabilisation equipment to give the video a high end feel.



We use production quality audio equipment to ensure we capture a true feel for the venue. As audio can be quite an important part of someones sensory experience of a building, we thought it was important to capture as best as we could. The result is a total immersive experience.



For a total access package we can create a host of tailored and branded Access Documents to work alongside your interactive video. We separate our documents into specific impairments; Sensory, Hearing, Seeing, Physical. Rather than scrolling through streams of text to find out which bit is applicable to your needs, simply download a PDF with all the information that matters to you. In addition to these documents we offer an Easy Read & Triggers & Distraction documents. This will enable parents, care givers, teachers and support teams to prepare themselves for anything as they go into more detail about the building.


What to expect

Sometimes having situations or procedures explained to us verbally is quite difficult to digest. We can create what to expect videos so visitors can get a greater understanding of how the day will flow.

Easy Read






Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it suitable for?

We work with;

Theatres, Cinemas, Sports stadiums, NHS Hospitals, Local Authorities, Small/Medium/Large businesses, Train stations, Airports, Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Museums, Art Galleries, Attractions.

We will make your venue, attraction, business or public building more accessible, however big or small.

How long does it take?

We aim for a turnaround between 8-12 weeks for medium sized venue.

How much does it cost?

The cost really depends on the size of your venue, as that will dictate the volume of work. We are more than happy to meet with you to discuss your needs. We offer a discount to small, local, independent businesses as we want to increase community cohesion and would like to keep costs to minimum. Please email to discuss your needs.

Is it Autism specific?

By no means is this is a Autism-specific product. We think iRoam can benefit everybody, we just think that autistic people could benefit most from our videos.

What if we change the building?

No problem at all. We simply come out and re-film the bit that has change and replace it in the code. Minimal cost, and your video stays fresh and new!