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Access for Patients


Missed appointments cost the NHS hundreds of millions every year and significantly impact to service offered to others.  Did Not Attends (DNA) lead to reduction in patient care and waste valuable resouces.  Navigation is a contributing factor in these DNAs, often because healthcare settings can be complex spaces and difficult to understand under the time pressure to make appointments.  The impact of this is keenly felt by those with additional or hidden access requirements.  Our interactive videos can help patients navigate hospitals, health centres and GP surgeries from the comfort of their own home.  Increasing patient experience and helping to reduce the number of missed appointments.

Improve navigation and increase your patient experience…


…by showing you understand their needs, and are willing to go the extra mile to cater for them by using our interactive video tours.  We capture the whole facility in HD video and audio, creating a truly immersive and engaging experience…but don’t take our word for it, here’s what others say:

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Access Social.

In developing an interactive tour of our Neonatal Unit, they were extremely responsive to our requirements reacting to our requests and questions professionally and quickly. They were extremely easy to work with, understanding our vision for the final product and adapting easily to the challenges of working within a busy medical environment. With my limited technology knowledge they guided me easily through the process and understood all my requests no matter how poorly I explained!

We are delighted with the final interactive video, which will prove invaluable to parents, helping them to orientate themselves on the unit.

Access Social provide a perfect example of how innovative organisations can successfully work with the NHS to improve patient/parent experience.”

Fiona Lawson

Neonatal Services Matron, University Hospital Southampton

Check out one of our tours in action:

Looking for something more customised? 


We can add additional features to your tour to provide an even more engaging solution.  These additions will allow your patients to interact in a way that reflects the physical environment.  Here are some features we think work really well in a healthcare setting:


What to expect videos

Our ‘what to expect’ videos are a great tool for patients who want to know what will happen before they arrive.  They illustrate each stage of the appointment and can be completely tailored to specific needs.  For example, what to expect at a…GP appointment, Dental check up or Pre-op.  A calm and well prepared patient makes a successful appointment for everyone.


Guided walks

Want to know how to get from the front door to your wards, outpatient reception or even the nearest accessible toilet?  No problem!  With our guided walks we can take you through every corner and junction until you get where you want to go.


Scannable QR codes

Scannable QR codes navigate patients around the hospital to the specific area where their appointment is taking place using an iRoam guided interactive video.  These codes can be included on appointment reminder letters or emails and are a great way of showing a patient the exact journey they need to take to attend their appointment.  By using iRoam there will be no confusion or anxiety related to navigating the hospital.  Reducing missed appointments and saving valuable time and money.


Reduce missed appointments

£Millions wasted every year on DNAs.  Whether it be anxiety around the appointment or poor navigation standing in the way of a patient arrival, iRoam is here to help.  We create an interactive videos of your hospital or health centre allowing your patients to see where their appointment will be in advance.  This allows them to properly plan their trip, improving navigation and reducing the DNAs!

Stress-free customer journey

Everyone can feel anxious at times, especially at a time where we are most vulnerable.  This is amplified if you have additional access requirements.  Our interactive videos have been specifically designed to provide the level of information required to help people plan trips properly.  Reducing the amount of stress and ensuring your patients can arrive confidently.


Navigation for all

As well as allowing your patients to familiarise to your site before their appointments, our tours are great for all.  Parents, visitors and new staff members will all benefit from having innovative accessibility tools.  Providing the information required to have a positive, successful trip.

Want to know more?


You might just want to know more about how we can help to reduce anxiety in patients or limit DNAs through improved navigation.  Alternatively, you might be interested in discussing our timelines and getting a quote.  Either way, we can help.  If you leave us your contact details on this form with a short message outlining what we can do for you, a member of the team will be happy to assist!

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