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Transition is busy time for schools and an anxious time for all students.  Because of this, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the individuals personal needs and focus on the procedures.  Whether it’s a new intake or students moving between key stages, stress and anxiety can impact the speed a student settles into their new surroundings.  This is where iRoam tours can help.  Our tours help individuals plan for a successful transition to a change in school environment.  They are an extra layer of support providing key access and site information in an easy to use and inclusive way, and a great opportunity to show your students’, you care about their needs.



Moving from one familiar place to another can be quite a daunting experience for anyone. iRoam aims to alleviate all stress related to students in transition. If you are moving from home to a nursery provision, primary school to high school, or from college to adult services, we aim to provide you with as much information as possible to make that big move much easier.

Primary & Secondary Schools

Allow students and parents to explore your school, virtually, online from the comfort of their own home. This will save individuals, parents and support teams valuable time by allowing them to view facilities online if visiting in person isn’t an option.

College & Universities

Virtual Open days would be a great asset to any College or University.  Prospective students can explore your campuses and get a feel for the place.  Highlight your great facilities and promote your college or university to students anywhere in the world as they tour ANY campus from home, 365 days a year!

Check out one of our tours in action:

Looking for something more customised? 


We can add additional features to your tour to provide an even more engaging solution.  These additions will allow your users to interact in a way that reflects the physical environment.  Here are some features we think work really well in an education setting:


Guided walks

Want to know how to get from the front door to your classroom, art studio or even the nearest accessible toilet?  No problem!  With our guided walks we can take you through every corner and junction until you get where you want to go.


Downloadable Documents

Do you need to provide important documents like application forms, handbooks and policies?  We can do that too, in video!  This means you can give parents and students important information in a more engaging and accessible way.  As users go to view the sports facilities, you might want to have a link to the sports clubs that students can participate in, or why not provide this year’s menu in the canteen?

Take your transition procedures to the next level…


…by showing your prospective students you understand their needs and be one step ahead of the competition by using our interactive video tours.  iRoam will capture the whole school setting in HD video and audio, creating a truly immersive and engaging experience…but don’t take our word for it, here’s what others say:

iRoam is a fantastic tool for transition into our school.  Our new cohort of pupils and their parents have found it especially useful for preparing them for starting life at Rowan Tree Primary.  It’s wonderful to be able to provide a tool to support the emotional transition for our pupils and therefore enable them to settle in quicker and be ready to learn.”

Liz Loftus

Headteacher, Rowan Tree Primary School

“…technology is used to help children and young people with autism to access new buildings virtually, such as schools, leisure centres and health services, with confidence.”

Ofsted & Care Quality Commision Inspection team

Want to know more?


You might just want to know more about how we can help with your student transitions.  Alternatively, you might be interested in discussing our timelines and getting a quote.  Either way, we can help.  If you leave us your contact details on this form with a short message outlining what we can do for you, a member of the team will be happy to assist!

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