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Arts & Culture

Inclusive access to creativity and heritage


Art and culture attractions can at times be very busy places.  With large crowds comes loud noise, and this can be a big barrier for many people with hidden disabilities.  At Access Social, we believe these venues offer some of the best potential benefits to the wider population.  Whether it’s small creative exhibitions, museums or large heritage sites, these venues (and the services they offer) can really help improve the quality of life for people and connect them to the community they live in.  This is where we come in…iRoam makes your space more accessible by providing the information needed in an easy to use, inclusive way.  Let people engage with your services!

Check out one of our tours in action:

Looking for something more customised? 


We can add additional features to your tour to provide an even more engaging solution.  These additions will allow your users to interact in a way that reflects the physical environment.  Here are some features we think work really well in art and cultural settings:


Guided walks

Want to know how to get from the front door to your galleries, theatre or even the nearest accessible toilet?  No problem!  With our guided walks we can take you through every corner and junction until you get where you want to go.


Scannable QR codes

Scannable QR codes navigate visitors to a specific area, this could be a seat in a theatre or a gallery space, using an iRoam guided interactive video.  These codes can be included on correspondence letters/emails or even printed directly to a ticket and are a great way of showing a visitor the exact journey they need to take.  By using iRoam there will be no confusion or anxiety related to navigating your venue.  Reducing demands on customer services and improving your customer satisfaction!


Downloadable Documents

Do you want to provide additional info to your visitors?  We can do that too, in video!  This means you can give visitors the option to download files in a more engaging and accessible way.  As users go to view an exhibition, you might want to have a link to an artist bio or make people aware of workshops and classes they can join in with.  Or, why not provide a downloadable exhibition brochure at reception?

Get ahead of the competition…


…by showing your prospective clients you understand their needs, and are willing to go the extra mile to cater for them by using our interactive video tours.  We capture the whole facility in HD video and audio, creating a truly immersive and engaging experience…but don’t take our word for it, here’s what others say:

iRoam is one of those projects you just knew was going to be a success from the get go.  From the first day Adam and Anthony came in to propose the pilot you could sense the sheer passion they had for making all venues accessible and welcoming and it was that passion which made the project such a joy to work on.  Our building is a myriad of levels and spaces so to have an interactive video for all of our customers so they can plan their visit in advance, whether they have additional needs or not, is brilliant.  We’re proud of our ongoing relationship with Access Social and are excited for upcoming projects.”

Tori Moore

Website Manager, The Lowry Theatre Salford Quays


Improved customer experience

By having engaging, exciting interactive access videos on your website you are making visitors lives easier by providing alternative solutions to their issues. By recognising that all your customers are unique and may all have different needs and ways of accessing information you are valuing them as a consumer.


Reduced demand on Customer Service

By providing enough adequate and engaging access information from the start, you should see a significant reduction in the amount of time and money spent on servicing customer enquiries related to disability access needs.

Purple Pound

The economic spending power of people with disabilities and their families is often referred to as the “Purple Pound”. Recently this was worth approximately £249 billion. With 66% of disabled people thinking products were not designed with them in mind, and 75% of disabled people leaving a business or shop due to poor customer service or lack of disability training, why not include people with disabilities at the very beginning and make things easier for all your customers.

Want to know more?


You might just want to know more about how we can help encourage people to visit or have a chat about the impact of iRoam in your venue.  Alternatively, you might be interested in discussing our timelines and getting a quote.  Either way, we can help.  If you leave us your contact details on this form with a short message outlining what we can do for you, a member of the team will be happy to assist!

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