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iRoam is a video based, interactive virtual tour platform designed to make the world a more accessible place.

In 2014, we sought to create a solution to an everyday problem for people with additional access needs…preparing for a trip to an unfamiliar place.  Calling on experiences from education and care sectors, we knew of many issues facing individuals and that these were preventing them from accessing local public sector and commercial organisations. Venues were not providing the level of access information required so that individuals, parents, carers or educators could plan a successful trip.  Moreover, where venues had made attempts to provide this information, it was often too brief or difficult to understand and primarily focused on individuals with physical requirements.  This has a marked impact on the ability of an individual to enjoy life, be social and feel connected to a community.  In addition, venues were missing out on a huge amount of income from potential clients!  So we teamed up with a number of access groups, with a spectrum of needs, to address the problem.

Over the next 18 months, iRoam went through a number of iterations.  Taking feedback from the individuals themselves at each step to ensure the system met their needs in the most appropriate way.  All iRoam’s designs considerations, procedures and functionality have been carefully shaped by the users it serves and it is a truly unique application of technology.  This is why we are proud to say, iRoam is the most inclusive virtual tour access guide available, the ‘gold standard‘ in the accessibility market.

No stone left unturned

iRoam will provide you with detailed access information on each and every venue we visit. We believe access information should be inclusive, innovative and cover all aspects of access, from physical to sensory.

Sneaky Peek

All our access information is built around our unique video clips of key areas in each venue. Look through the keyhole of venues and buildings before you plan on visiting to give you a feel of what to expect.

Easy read

iRoam will include Easy Read documents for people to become even more independent. We don’t want to bore you with dusty old access audits. Keep engaged and interested with our Easy Read documents.

“Access Social have created an exceptional tool to support people with Autism, Dementia and their families, to reduce their levels of anxiety when accessing venues in the community.  iRoam is making more places, more accessible, for more people with hidden disabilities, which is something we should all be striving for.”

Andy Burnham

Greater Manchester Mayor

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