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Sports Centres

Below you can see one example from Wigan Life Centre. Our contract with Wigan Council involved creating three interactive videos for Leigh Sports Village, Howe Bridge Leisure Centre and Wigan Life Centre. The aim was to create interactive videos that would ease anxiety issues for visitors with Autism.

Cinema & Theatre

We can make any space large or small more accessible by creating bespoke interactive videos. With the increase in popularity of Autism Friendly screenings in Cinemas and Relaxed Performances in Theatres we think we could have a really positive impact on customer experience

Sports Stadia

Usually when you are visiting a Sports Stadium it is at a peak time which will mean large crowds and increased noise levels. When trying to make venues more accessible for supporters with hidden disabilities, video would be a great solution. Allowing the preparation time online to experience how busy areas can get, and what the noise levels will be. All this visual and audio information will greatly reduce the amount of anxiety experienced by the fan before attending a game.
Wigan Life Centre

Health and Wellbeing is very important for us all to live a long and prosperous life. Remaining active can become a real issue for us as we become older and this is even more evident if you have a disability. Our interactive videos allow you to view all the facilities online from the comfort of your own home to reduce any anxiety you might feel when trying something new. Here’s some additional features we think would make Leisure facilities more accessible.

Go Pro experience

Do you have specialist equipment in your leisure centre? A climbing wall, high ropes, skate park, ski simulator? We can add go pro footage of your equipment being used into our interactive video tours. Enabling prospective clients to see what it is like to experience the equipment before booking. Here’s two examples.

Busy button

A major worry for a lot of Autistic people will be large crowds. With our busy button, in video we can show you what a particular space will look and sound like before a performance or match to better prepare you for what to expect when you get there. This will also advise you what times are best to arrive and leave to avoid any large build ups of crowd or excessive noise levels.
I used iRoam this week with a class of ten pupils, the majority with ASC. It was really useful to be able to actually see where we would be walking and how close the changing rooms were to the swimming pool. The children enjoyed navigating around the swimming baths and asked lots of questions.

I have one child who has a lot of anxieties around toilets, especially in new places. iRoam enabled him to have a look at where toilets are located and to see what the toilets looked like. This has really reduced his anxiety about our up coming swimming lesson and he even took a print screen from iRoam to take with him on the trip.

Teacher, SEN School