Access to Housing




Save time

You will have the ability to show perspective buyers/tenants multiple houses from the comfort of an office or their own home. No longer will you need to send a member of staff to show a house, this can all be done remotely in office, or sent directly to the clients themselves. This is particularly useful when trying to house a client with a specific requirements.

Open all hours

By having a interactive video tour of a property online, your clients have access to view a property 24/7, 365 days a year. The office is always open.

Trying to find time to view houses can be a long and difficult process. The buyers/tenants need to dedicate the time to physically go and view the properties and the estate agent/housing associations need to allow the staff time to show them around. We think we have created a solution. Please take a look at some useful features for the housing industry.


Bespoke Main Menu

We can create a main menu that visitors will be faced with when loading the video. You will be given options to visit key areas in the house/flat, for example, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden. Once you click on your option you will be taken from the front door to the location. Once you are there you are free to explore the house or return to the main menu.


Narration & Subtitles

As prospective clients/buyers/tenants are exploring the property online you can be providing additional audio/subtitled information about the area they are in. This would be particularly effective for clients who are visually or hearing impaired. It also gives you an opportunity to add valuable information about the property and makes the video tour a personal touch.