Green space


Access to parks


Community Participation

Allow local residents to see what groups, societies and activities take place at a specific park. This will increase participation and is a great way of signposting residents to what is happening near them.


Highlight your assets

With approximately 54% of the UK being green spaces wouldn’t it be great if we were all aware of what green spaces are available around us. It is highly likely there will be a hidden park around the corner from where you live, a footpath you never knew existed, a football pitch or maybe even an allotment. Why not make them more visible by creating an online presence with an interactive video tour?

We feel Green spaces are under represented online, and feel the time is right for them to be more included in the digital age. As a country health and wellbeing are high on our list of priorities. Why not let local people explore green spaces situated near them, online? We need a digital and visually engaging platform to allow local councils the opportunity to showcase their beautiful green spaces to the residents who live near them. Here’s some additional features we think would work great with green spaces.


Downloadable Documents

Having the ability to include downloadable documents in the interactive video adds another dimension for the users. As we are walking past a bird hide you can include documents about the local ornithological society meetings. As you approach a walking path you could include information about guided walks. The options are endless and make the videos even more interactive for the users.