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Moving from one familiar place to another can be quite a daunting experience for anyone. iRoam aims to alleviate all stress related to people in transition. We aim to provide you with as much information as possible to make that big move much easier. Also saving parents and support teams valuable time by allowing them to view facilities online rather than taking a day off and visiting in person.



Having the ability to explore a venue online before you visit will alleviate any stress that is associated with new experiences.


Below is an example of a video we have created for Community Interest Company, True Colours. True Colours specialise in offer support to adults with Autism. One of the key elements they work on is independence. We then went away and developed new software, Remind+. Remind+ allows people to scan items around the house and receive an explainer video of how that equipment works. The idea is we can keep people with Dementia as independent as possible for as long as possible, and also assist people working towards independence with video reminders of everyday tasks. Watch this space for Remind+ developments

True Colours CIC

We are always looking for innovative ways of encouraging people to look after their health through things like exercising. We know that for some the barrier to this can be very easily unlocked through modern technology such as these video maps and we hope that it makes a difference and encourages more people to try our leisure centres.

Cllr Keith Cunliffe

Portfolio holder for Adult Social Care and Health, Wigan Council

I have never been in anything like True Colours before, only in a college, the video made me feel safer going in and showed me all the rooms so I could see what activities went on in the different rooms. It really helped me when I visited to see if I wanted to go there .More places should have videos it would help autistic people more not to be nervous.