Main Menu design

Main menus allow visitors to select guided video navigation from the menu to a particular asset in your building. Whether it be the nearest accessible toilet or the route through to the swimming pool. We have it all covered with our main menu navigation.

Bespoke button design

We can create bespoke icons to suit your particular sector or industry. We think having bespoke icons gives your video that little bit extra that makes it really special. Talk to us about what you want and we will endeavour to make it happen.


We find having separate, impairment specific documentation, supports your visitors much more effectively than one large access document. Visitors can pick what document or documents are most relevant to them, rather than deciphering the whole document.

We also produce Easy Read documents to support individuals with learning disabilities to be more independent when visiting your venue. Our Triggers and Distractions documents are designed to support Autistic visitors, their families and support teams. They highlight any triggers and distractions that might exist in a building, covering busy areas, and what noises and smells to expect in certain areas.


Easy Read



Call outs

Call-outs look great when trying to highlight specific elements within a room. They give an added layer of understanding to the video. They look great in hospitals and highlighting features within real estate projects.

Go Pro experience

The Go Pro experience is great for showing visitors what to expect when using a particular piece of equipment. Great for climbing walls, skate parks and high ropes features at your venue.

Guided walks

The guided walk navigation works great when you want visitors to know what a particular journey will look like. Please click on any of the options on this main menu to be shown a navigated journey from the front door to that asset.