As you may be aware we launched our first software release last month, iRoam. Since then we’ve had a lot of interest from a lot of different industries, from leisure, tourism, sports stadiums, NHS trusts and schools to name a few. And like anything new and innovative we need to convince some people that the product is worth investing in and the benefits it could bring to their business. All of which is perfectly understandable.

So for the past month we’ve be doing tonnes of research into how to market ourselves better, improving our use of social media platforms, looking to create partnerships with high profile charities and companies, which conferences/exhibitions would be useful to attend, and what publications do we want to be in. And majority of these all involve one common factor, money. Everything costs money. Sponsored articles, huge membership fees, thousands of pounds for a tiny table at an exhibition.

If anyone has had any positive experiences with raising the profile of their company in a cost-effective manner, we would love to hear from you.